NoFire Technologies, Inc. are specialists in the unique development and manufacture of fire protection Paint, Products, and Systems using the most advanced technology available worldwide.

We manufacture our products and systems using the highest quality ingredients, follow strict guidelines and apply rigorous quality assurance standards to provide the ultimate solution in our fire protection products and systems for use in residential, commercial, industrial, maritime and military applications.

We are a leader in developing and manufacturing patented products and technologies which increases the effectiveness of fire protection to meet all the above requirements.

NoFire Paint is certified GREEN, it is environmentally safe, and is easy to apply with ordinary painting equipment (e.g. Roller, Brush and Spray). It effectively adheres to many surfaces and provides a beautiful, durable and long-lasting finishing.

Nofire Paint and our other Products substantially reduce or eliminate the potential for “FLASHOVER” in a structural fire and can effectively increase the “FIRE RESISTANCE” of many materials and surfaces (e.g. Walls, Wood, wood products, Concrete, Plastics, Ceilings, Bulkheads etc.) thereby, eliminating collateral damage caused by fire to buildings and properties.

We realize that every application is unique. Our objective therefore, is to establish close working relationships with our valued clients, focusing on out-of-the-box solution oriented approaches to every application.

In summary, the application of NoFire paint to any property stops fire and prevents it from spreading in the event of fire outbreak (in a property) thereby allowing ample time for all occupants of the building to escape unharmed as well as protecting the building and other valuables in the building from burning down and collateral damage.

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