Marine Approval

International Maritime Organization (Resolution A.653 (16))
A. Recommendation on Improved Fire Test procedures for Surface Flammability of Bulkhead,Ceiling and Desk Finish Material- Test A
B. Recommendation on Improved Fire Test of Bulkhead, Ceiling and Deck Finish Materials- Test B

IMO Resolution MSC.61 (67), Annex 1, Part 5: Test for Surface Flammability
A. NoFire A-18 Marine Paint Danish Institute of Fire and Security Technology
United States Coast Guard, DET Norske Veritas (DNV), American Bureau of Shipping (ABS), Lloyd’s Register, and Transport of Canada
A. Certifications

DET Norske Veritas Certifications- NoFire A-18
A. Certificate of Conformity- European Community
B. EC Type Examination Certificate

IMO Resolution A.754 (18) & Canadian Coast Guard TP 439E
A. Fire Resistance Tests for “A”, “B”, & “F” Class Divisions
i. NoFire J12D Deck Structural Fire Protection System
a. A-Barrier- NoFire coated textile
B. Structural Fire Testing and Approval Procedure
i. NoFire J12B Bulkhead Structural Fire Protection System on B-Barrier & NoFire A-18

ISO 1182-90 Non Combustibility
A. Fire Performance Evaluation- J12D Overhead Structural Insulation System
i. Procedures and results report
B. Fire Performance Evaluation- J12B Bulkhead Structural Insulation System
i. Procedures and results report
ii. ISO 1182 – USCG Letter and Test Results

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