What is NoFire Paint and how does it Differ from any Other Paint?

  • NoFire paint belongs to a class known as Intumescents. Simply stated, an intumescent paint is one that expands when activated or exposed to heat.
  • NoFire is applied the same way ordinary latex paint is applied, with a roller brush or by spraying
  • It is Non-Hazardous and environmentally safe.
  • It is Water base – Easy clean-up with water. Nontoxic – in Both the liquid state and after activated at high temperatures.
  • It provides a Highly Durable Flat Finish
  • It Adheres well to most surfaces
  • It is a Single Component, requires no blending, no mixing
  • It needs No Special Surface Preparation
  • It needs No Special Application Equipment
  • It is Available in All Colors (tinted at factory)

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