High-performance Fire Retardant/Protective Coating

A New addition to NoFire’s line of high quality, environmentally safe coatings, formulated to compete in today’s lower priced and residential market places.

NoFire LP the original high-performance Fire Retardant/Protective coating specifically manufactured for residential and commercial applications.
Many civilian land-based applications, such as residential and commercial require fire protection in the event of standard (cellulose) fires rather than the high-temperature hydrocarbon fire protection required for military or oil drilling platform applications.

NOFIRE LP coating can withstand temperatures up to 1800 deg F (982 deg C) and is significantly less expensive.

The major difference between the two products is that NoFire LP is not designed to be used to protect in the event of a hydrocarbon fire. However, fire performance under standard wood fire conditions is nearly identical. NoFire LP surpasses the testing requirements for IMO Res A.653 and numerous standard ASTM fire tests, including ASTM E84 Class A.

All other properties of NoFire LP, such as low smoke and toxicity, environmental safety, durability, resistance to ageing and deterioration, and paint vehicle quality, are identical to NoFire A-18.

NoFire LP is ideal for commercial and industrial OEM applications, such as coating of walls, Ceilings, wood & wood products, and common painting requirements, such as residential.

A complete list of approvals including copies of test reports is available in the NoFire Technical Manual

Exterior Use Requires a Topcoat

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