NoFire A18

is the standard used for all land based civilian applications including residential, commercial and industrial uses. It is the paint that is used in all NoFire Textile materials.

NoFire A18 – Marine

is used for all civilian maritime applications and is currently the only Maritime Paint Type Approved by the U.S. Coast Guard and so much more

NoFire A18 – NV

is used for all U.S. Government and Military applications. It is qualified for use by the U.S. Navy and is currently the only product of its type listed

NoFire LP

A New addition to NoFire’s line of high quality, environmentally safe coatings, formulated to compete in today’s lower priced and residential market places.


NoFire URACOAT is an innovative, durable coating designed to be used as a topcoat to NoFire A-18, A-18 Marine or A-18NV an is to be used for exterior use.

Applications & Uses

Manufacturers of patented high performance fire retardant products and specialists in research, marketing, design and engineering of fire and heat.

S – Barrier Wrap System

A dry, easy-to-install, environmentally safe, low-cost alternative to architectural spray coatings. Requires NO job site evacuation or surface preparation. No flaking.

B – Barrier Bulk Head System

Stainless Steel perforated aluminum finish, or NoFire coated textile in any color. Custom sizes available. Installed weight is less than 0.78 / sq. ft. (3.8Kg/sqm).

NoFire Fiber Glass Textiles

The Textile products are woven fiberglass cloth with the NoFire on either one side or both sides. They are available in three weights, depending on the specific application.

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