Durability Toxicity & Environmental Approval

Toxicity and Environmental Tests

A. EPA-24: Volatile Organic Compounds Tests (NoFire A-18)
B. NES 713: Test Methods for Determining the Combustion Characteristics of Materials (NoFire A)
a. Toxicity test for Naval Engineering Standard 713
C. NYS Uniform Fire Prevention and Building Code (9NYCRR 1120) Acute Inhalation Toxicity of Thermal Degradation Products (NoFire A18)
D. ASTM E662: Smoke Density Characteristics (NoFire A)
E. MIL M-14H: Toxicity Gas Analysis (NoFire A)
F. ASTM D-3359: Standard Method for Adhesion Test (NoFire A)

a. Steel plate test
1. NoFire Formula A only
2. NoFire Formula A, primer, and oil base paint
3. NoFire Formula A and oil base coat

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