Buildings & Constructions Approval

ASTM- E84-87 Testing: Surface Burning Characteristics of Building Materials (1989, 1996, 1998)
A. NoFire Intumescent Coating on Cement Board
B. NoFire Intumescent Coating on Douglas fir
C. NoFire Intumescent Coating on low-density fiberboard

Underwriters Laboratories UL 723 Testing: Fire Retardant Coating Classification Program
A. NoFire A-18 Intumescent coating
i. Flame Spread
ii. Smoke Results
iii. UL Classification Certificate

UL94 and 746C (equivalent ASTM D3801 and IEC 707 ISO 1210.2)
A. Flammability of Plastic Materials for Parts in Devices & Applications
i. NoFire A- PVC-3, PVC-4, AL-2 and SS-1
a. Test results and UL listing
b. NoFire A-18- wood particle board test
c. Test results

Uniform Building Code 8-2 (formerly UBC 42-2): Standard Test Method for Evaluating Room Fire Growth Contribution of Textile Wall Coverings
A. NoFire A-18 (Fire Research Laboratory, UC Berkeley)
i. 1/4’ mahogany panel w/ varnish undercoat
ii. Treated 1/4” paneling
iii. Untreated T-111 siding
iv. Treated T-111 siding
v. Untreated wood siding
vi. Treated wood shingles
vii. Untreated Masonite Siding
viii. Treated Masonite Siding
ix. Untreated Masonite
B. NoFire A-18 Comparison Testing (Salk Enterprises)
i. Paint protected T-111 Plywood siding
ii. Uncoated T-111 Plywood Siding
iii. Paint Protected Shingle Siding
iv. Uncoated Shingle Siding
C. Sterling board & NoFire A-18 & 18 coats of Alkyd base paint (VTec Labs)
D. Cement board & NoFire A-18 & 6 coats Alkyd base paint (VTec Labs)
E. T-111 Plywood & NoFire A-18 (one coat) & exterior paint topcoat (VTec)
F. Sheet rock panels & 8 coats interior latex paint, topcoat NoFire, & 1 coat exterior paint (VTec Labs)

City and State Approvals
A. City of New York, Department of Buildings
i. Report of Material and Equipment Acceptance (MEA#: 104-96-M)
B. California Department of Forestry & Office of the State Fire Marshall
i. Registered Flame Resistant Product (NoFire A-18)
ii. Finalized Listing Sheet
C. State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations
i. Department of Administration Building Code Standards Committee
a. Approval Report No. 03-001

UBC 17-5 testing by Southwest Research Institute Room Fire Test Standard for Interior of Foam Plastic Systems (NoFire A-18
A. Procedure
B. Observations
C. Results

ASTM E-152 Standard Methods of Fire Tests of Door Assemblies
A. Procedure
B. Observations
C. Results

CAN4-S104-M80 by UL Canada Standard Methods of Fire Tests of Door Assemblies
A. Procedure
B. Observations
C. Results

FC708 by US Gypsum Fire Endurance tests (NoFire back coating)
A. Procedure
B. Observations
C. Results

UL 263 Approval by Underwriters Lab (2000) Fire endurance test of structural steel columns protected by S-Barrier

ASTM E 162-94 by VTec Lab Standard Test Method for Surface Flammability of Materials Using a Radiant Heat Source
A. Flame spread Index results
i. 18 coats of Alkyd Gloss enamel paint on ¼” cement boards

ASTM E-119 Two hour Wall Assembly
i. Southwest Research Institute testing

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