What makes NoFire Paint different?

NoFire paint is a fireproof or fire retardant paint that belongs to a class known as Intumescents. Simply stated, an intumescent paint is one that activates and expands  when exposed to fire or heat. Nofire paint will stop any fire and prevent it from spreading. It insulates any coated surface eg: walls, ceilings, bulkheads, etc and shields them from direct fire or heat.

“NoFire Paint does everything ordinary paint does,,,except burn!

  • NoFire paint is applied the same way ordinary latex paint is applied: with a roller, brush or by spraying.
  • It is Non-Hazardous and environmentally safe.
  • It is Water base – Easy clean-up with water. Nontoxic – in Both the liquid state and after activated at high temperatures.
  • It provides a Highly Durable Flat Finish
  • It Adheres well to most surfaces
  • It is a Single Componentrequires no blending, no mixing
  • It needs No Special Surface Preparation
  • It needs No Special Application Equipment
  • It is Available in All Colors (tinted at factory)

How is it applied….and Where?

A 5-gallon pail of NoFire can be mixed in its container using a portable hand drill. It is important to mix contents thoroughly, from the bottom, prior to use.

A clean, dry surface, free of grease, flaking, loose materials or rust and suitable for ordinary painting is suitable for NoFire. There are no special preparations required.

Any person who can use a brush, roller or operate a paint sprayer can apply NoFire. The techniques are identical to the application of ordinary latex paint.

However, there is one important difference: Ordinary paint is usually applied to an unspecified thickness; simply the thickness necessary to provide a decorative finish.

For most applications this requires two coats of paint. NoFire will likely require only one coat.

NoFire must be applied to a specified thickness. The required thickness depends on many factors including; type of surface, surface material, level of protection, length of protection and code requirement. The NoFire Application and Technical Data Information provides further details on applied thickness.

It is important to note that the nature of the NoFire coating allows it to applied in ONE SPRAY APPLICATION for the vast majority of uses. This is an important labor saving feature, when compared to other techniques that require two or more coats or application steps with several hours of drying time between coats. The result is a total job cost that is comparable to ordinary paint.

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